Myst remake coming to PC and Xbox platforms next week


Iconic PC adventure returns to baffle new audiences

The 2020 remake of Myst — the legendary graphic adventure that boggled many players’ minds back in the 1990s — will be making the journey to PC and Xbox platforms next week. According to developer Cyan Inc., the puzzling fantasy title will be available to download from Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG, and Xbox Store from August 26.

The work of a humble two-brother team of developers, Myst was originally released on PC back in 1993 where it immediately won over a huge following of fans thanks to its intricate logic puzzles, immersive fantasy setting, and strange universe. Myst would go on to sell an incredible six million copies, and remained the best-selling PC game for almost a decade, until Electronic Arts’ The Sims took its crown in 2002.

The Myst remake — originally released on VR platform Oculus last winter — recreates the original adventure in the Unreal engine, maintaining its old-school spirit and brain-teasing puzzles while affording the now three-decade-old release a fresh audio/visual overhaul. In addition, Cyan has added a selection of “quality-of-life” options including snap-turning, quick travel up ladders and staircases, and a screengrab function for capturing those all-important clues and passwords. Myst also supports supersampling and ray-tracing options to make Myst Isle shine like never before.

Myst launches August 26 on PC and Xbox platforms. It will also be available on Xbox Game Pass the same day.