Najd, one of the most unique King of Fighters characters in years, is out today in KOF XIV's 3.0 update



Despite getting knocked off the main stage at EVO 2018, SNK has steadily been supporting King of Fighters XIV — overhauling its visual style, adding new fighters, and tweaking old ones.

Part of that support is by way of patch 3.0, which adds in Blue Mary, Heidern, Oswald, and Najd — the latter of which is the winner of a create-a-character contest.Created by Saudi Arabian artist Mashael Al-Barrak, Najd dons an Abaya at night that grants her shadow powers, and lives as a college student during the day. She’s rad and I can’t wait to try her out.

Oh, and there’s a 31-page English changelog that explains everything in 3.0! SNK should really be commended for their support.

Ver 3.0 patch notes [SNK]