Netflix's Castlevania airs its final season next month, but new series could be coming


All good things must come to a bloody end

Netflix’s Castlevania series is set to air its next season in May, and it will also be its finale. One report indicates that it might not be the end for the Castlevania universe on the service, however.

Following a promo art reveal, Netflix posted a new trailer on Twitter, saying the final season of Castlevania will arrive on May 13.

This is where it all started. The final season of Castlevania arrives May 13.

— NX (@NXOnNetflix) April 16, 2021

Though the story of Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades, and Alucard may be coming to a close, Netflix may not be done with Castlevaniaas a whole. Deadline reports that it hears Netflix is eyeing a “new series set in the same Castlevania universe with an entirely new cast of characters.”

There’s certainly no shortage of Belmonts to pull from, or even other games in the series without a Belmont in the lead. (Soma Cruz, anyone?) Hopefully this report means Castlevania will continue on in some manner, though. The series has been pretty great so far, and as Netflix continues to pick up more video game adaptations like The Witcher, Dota: Dragon’s Blood, and Resident Evil, it’d be nice to still see one of the series that laid the groundwork keep going.

For now though, I just hope the heroic trio of Castlevania protagonists gets a happy ending. After what happened to Alucard at the end of season three, he could use a reprieve.