New 3DS hack enables wireless video streaming


No surgery required!

Capturing video from a 3DS is cumbersome. It requires a physical mod to be installed onto your console, costing a ton of money as well voiding your warranty to hell and back. Who has the time for that? That’s why Reddit user Yangumasuta is developing a custom firmware (read: this shit has the potential to brick your precious handheld) that uses the extra power of the New 3DS to wirelessly stream video to your PC.

Showcased in a video using Fire Emblem Fates,Yangumasuta writes “This feature is still in development! This is the first (preview) build of NTR that includes video streaming capability, so obviously performance isn’t optimal.”

It’s super early stuff, but I think it’s cool to see New 3DS owners unlocking the power of the hardware in ways that Nintendo had never intended in the first place.

[viaYangumasuta on Reddit]