New Destiny hotfix nerfs tons of stuff, fixes Templar raid exploit


No more cheese

Destinyis still a thing. I’m sorry if you don’t like it being a thing. It will likely still be a thing until past February, when the second expansion is due to come out.

Today, a new hotfix hit the game which has ruffled some feathers. A number of guns (most importantly the Vex Mythoclast, a gun everyone has tried to get as it’s clearly one of the best in the game) have been nerfed in favor of buffing scout rifles (auto-rifles have been nerfed in general too). People are angry because the nerfs are meant to balance PVP, but still directly change how the gun operates in a PVE setting. Instead of carefully changing PVP values, Bungie has opted to nerf the guns entirely.

I’m mixed on it myself, because although the game didn’t need a PVE effectiveness nerf, the weapons are still very viable. Another welcome fix is the end of the “Templar cheese,” where players would just stand on the outside of a map and slowly whittle a Vault of Glass boss down while it couldn’t fire back.

Check out some of the other general fixes below.


  • Fixed a bug where the Valkyrie-O5X Ship was the same as the Aurora Lance


  • Titan
    • Unbreakable: Fixed an issue with the perk granting more agility than intended
  • Warlock
    • Brimstone: Perk can now activate if player is airborne


  • General
    • Fixed some issues related to quick weapon swapping
  • Auto Rifles
    • Base Damage decreased by 2%
    • Reduced Precision Damage multiplier from 1.50 -> 1.25 (head shot bonus)
    • Stability decreased by 4% – 17% (driven by stat value)
  • Hand Cannons
    • In-air accuracy now increased
  • Scout Rifles
    • Base damage increased by 6%
    • Damage vs. Combatants increased by 6% – 25% (based on tier)
    • Improved target acquisition, plus additional recoil tuning.
  • Shotguns
    • Decreased base damage at maximum range (falloff) by 20%
    • Shot Package Perk now has a slightly wider cone of fire
    • The Rangefinder and Shot Package perks are now mutually exclusive
  • Exotic Weapons
    • Vex Mythoclast
      • Base Damage decreased by 34%
      • Increased Precision Damage multiplier from 1.25 -> 1.50 (headshot bonus)
    • Pocket Infinity
      • Enhanced Battery Perk has now been replaced with the Speed Reload Perk
  • Perks
    • Metal Detector: Fixed a bug that prevents this perk from actually providing additional ammo
    • Lightweight: Fixed a bug that allowed additional agility to apply even when a weapon was stowed


  • Strikes
    • Engram rewards from strikes now appear in the post-game Activity Summary
  • Raid – Vault of Glass
    • Templar Encounter
      • Kill volume added to sniper platforms to prevent players from sitting on top of them
      • Relic is now removed and respawned if the holder leaves the playable area


  • The Fallen have also retreated from their hold over the Rocket Yard to discuss a new takeover plan