New Hot Shots Golf aims for an August launch in Japan


Still a ways off, then

What’s the holdup on New Hot Shots Golf? I don’t know, but the happy-go-lucky golf title is confirmed for an August 31, 2017 release in Japan, which hopefully puts the Western launch not far behind.

This trailer covers much of the same ground as before, highlighting the actual golfing, of course, but also some leisurely side activities like fishing and carting around. Seems pleasant enough!

In Japan, the game will see a physical and digital release priced at 5,900 yen, with DLC for things like extra courses and costumes making it into a 9,200 yen “All Courses Special Pack” edition, per Gematsu.

『New みんなのGOLF』8月31日発売決定! 本日より予約受付開始! 予約&早期特典はウサギコスチューム等! [PlayStation Blog Japan via Gematsu]