New Mario Tennis Aces trailer brings the glamorous Birdo to the court


Super show-off gets set to smash

Nintendo has released a new character trailer for their over-the-top sports title Mario Tennis Aces, shining the spotlight, most assuredly, on the latest character to join the roster, it’s Birdo!

Clearing loving the cameras a little too much, the charismatic villain from 1988’s Super Mario Bros. 2 daintily dances around the court, giving the camera seductive winks and blowing kisses (rather than eggs). It’s not all showboating, however, as this All-Round class character is also shown laying in some great shots, even calling in a trio of Shy Guys for assistance with her Special.

Birdo will be available as an unlockable character for everybody from November 1, although those with a shiny new Nintendo Switch Online account can check her out a little earlier, on October 1. You can see Birdo in action in the fun new trailer down below.

Mario Tennis Aces is available now on Nintendo Switch.