New Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon trailer claims 'This isn't the Alola You Know'



Are you ready for some Alolan edge?

Pokemon Sunand Moonhad some emotional moments, but the updated Ultraversions seem to be dialing it up a bit. This new trailer claims that “this isn’t the Alola you know,” in a bid to get you to buy the remixed editions. While I wouldn’t say that it looksall that differentwhen it comes to day-to-day gameplay, the story seems a bit more intense, with a greater focus on the otherworldly creatures that mostly showed up at the very end of the originals.

Pokemon UltraSunand Moonwill arrive on November 17, 2017 worldwide. While I was enamored enough with the original duo to play both through and get a full Alolan ‘dex, I think I’ll just be giving one Ultraa go this time — it’s too soon for me to get fully invested.