There's a brand new Puzzle Bobble in the works at Taito


Get ready to Bust a Move

Legendary developer Taito has teased the happy news that it is currently in the early stages of developing a brand new release in the popular bubble-busting series Puzzle Bobble. As reported by Gematsu, the news was dropped in a special video presentation featuring director Tsuyoshi Tozaki and level designer Hidetaka Iyomasa. And Bub… of course.

Although Puzzle Bobble doesn’t need much of an introduction, here’s a quick refresher. Originally launched back in 1994, Puzzle Bobble, (also known in the west as Bust-a-Move), sees Bubble Bobble heroes Bub and Bob work together to clear a screen of colorful bubbles. Launched during the heyday of the block puzzler, Puzzle Bobble was highly regarded for its fun new angle on the genre, as well as its typically charming and attractive Taito arcade aesthetic. Puzzle Bobble/Bust-a-Move would receive multiple sequels in the arcades and on home consoles, with the most recent entry being this year’s VR release Puzzle Bobble VR: Vacation Odyssey.

It seems that this brand new title is in its very early stages, with only a few mockup images and little else offered by Taito. Tozaki and Iyomasa do note in the video that the team is approaching the new title with the same mentality offered to 2019 release Bubble Bobble 4 Friends — that is, four-player action and accessible, family-friendly gameplay. The duo stops just short of revealing a few mechanics and special characters, so I guess we’ll just have to hold on for further details on this delightful new project.

[Via Gematsu]