New StreetPass game Ultimate Angler gets dark for a brief moment


Uhh… Can I just go fishing now?

The two new 3DS StreetPass games came out yesterday. I downloaded them last night but didn’t get a chance to play either until this morning. Wanting to start out with the lighthearted fishing game Ultimate Angler before taking on the zombie hordes of Battleground Z, I loaded it up to learn the ropes (or uh, the fishing lines).

After playing through the tutorial and catching a few D-grade fish, I figured I was ready to go on and spend some relaxing time on a boat. Before I could, my guide’s father came into the outdoor supplies store to casually discuss his problems in front of me. My Mii seemed pretty uncomfortable with the whole encounter (see above).

Previous StreetPass game Flower Town surprised me with its semi-hidden narrative, a story that weaves between all of the different buyers. I was a little surprised that Ultimate Angler went here, and I think for the same reason: low expectations. I go in expecting a simple fishing game, so when some unlucky single dad brings the mood down, it can’t help but feel strange. Like my Mii, I just want to know if I can slowly tiptoe backward out of the room and hop on the boat to go fishing.