New trailer for Dragon's Crown Pro speaks of 4K resolution, cross-play features


Treasure-hunting never looked so good

Atlus have released a second trailer for the upcoming re-release of PS3 & PS Vita title Dragons’ Crown for the PS4, currently scheduled to launch in Japan early next year.

The new extended trailer features footage of the revamped action-RPG title, which will have overhauled 4K visuals, a soundtrack re-recorded by a live orchestra, and cross-play with the last-gen editions of the game, as well as the ability to import your old save data.

While there is still no news of a Western release, it was also announced that the new version of the title will feature both Japanese and English language options.

Dragon’s Crown Pro launches on PS4 in Japan on February 8. The first-run of the game will include a quirky digital version of an old-school game book.