New Yoshi variations unlockable in Yoshi's Woolly World


Shy Guy, Circus, and Flower Yoshi!

Looks like Yoshi’s Woolly World is going to have a plethora of unlockables, including Yoshi variations! Confirmed variations are Circus Yoshi, Flower Yoshi, and Shy Guy Yoshi. These are unlocked by finding five Wonder Wools that are hidden in every level.

Variations may be little more than recoloring or skins, but I’m always for more unlockables that aren’t stripped be be DLC. Yoshi has been through many transformations since showing up in Super Mario World, from fire-breathing Yoshi, to flying Yoshi, and let’s not forget seductive Yoshi. Post your favorite version of Yoshi in the comments below. Mine’s talking Yoshi from the Super Mario World cartoon!

Preview: Unraveling the Truth in Yoshi’s Woolly World[Nintendo Life]