Newest D&D rules take you to a world of Modern Magic


Technomancy, homie

Over on the Dungeons & Dragons website, they’ve been running a monthly feature called Unearthed Arcana. These articles include new rules that may eventually be published, new settings, player classes, and all sorts of cool material that can be added to your table. Past entries include the Psionic Awakened Mystic class, extra character options and races for nautical campaigns, and rules for mass combat.

This month’s Unearthed Arcana is all about a Modern Magic conversion. Clerics get the city domain, which is “concerned with the citizenry, commerce, traffic, and even architecture of modern civilization.” They sound a bit Batman-ish and will earn city-focused abilities like being able to instantly teleport from points of mass transit. Warlocks get a new otherworldly patron in the form of a ghost in the machine. Rogue AIs and deceased hackers are given as examples, but it’s D&D, so do what you want!

You can also be a Technomancer, a new arcane tradition for Wizards. All of their spells interface with electronics and smartphone apps. I’d love to have a character that uses their apps as spells, though I’m forced to wonder what happens when my batteries run out. Spells like On/Off, Invisibility to Cameras, and System Backdoor make me want to roll up a new campaign right now.

Unearthed Arcana: Modern Magic[Dungeons & Dragons]