Niantic is looking to Harry Potter for its next game


Gotta Catch Fantastic Beasts

The success of Pokemon Go basically means developer Niantic can tackle whatever IP they want. Since they have seemingly perfected the genre of capturing creatures, why not adapt Harry Potter into a similar experience next? Putting aside that most people don’t associate Potter with monster catching, tackling another incredibly popular series is sure to make for a massive hit.

Called Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the app will be a similar AR experience to Pokemon Go that will be launching sometime next year. The official description from Niantic reads, “the game will use state-of-the-art AR mobile technology and allow players to go on adventures, learn and cast spells, discover mysterious artifacts, and encounter legendary beasts and iconic characters.” It will utilize technology from Ingress, another Niantic app that had people walking around and checking into various real world locations, and be published under Warner Bros. Interactive’s new Portkey Studio label (which is dedicated to creating games based on Harry Potter).

You can sign up for more information as it becomes available by heading over to the newly launched website. You can also stare at the logo for the game, because there isn’t much else to go on. Niantic is promising more information in 2018, so it will still be a few months before we learn the full details. That should give you enough time to prepare for the inevitable congregation of people shouting spell names in public.