NieR Replicant is all set for a big Tokyo Game Show special presentation


The ‘We Have a Decent Amount of New Info’ Special

It seems as though the Taiwanese rating board leaks were, in fact, a precursor to some imminent NieR Replicantnews. Square Enix is using the remake/remaster/”upgrade” to make a splash at the biggest video game trade show in its home country.

NieR will get its own livestream program during Tokyo Game Show in a couple weeks. Sticking with the odd-but-excellent naming conventions, this presentation is called “The ‘We Have a Decent Amount of New Info’ Special.” I’m no medium or soothsayer, but I predict there will be a decent amount of new information pertaining toNieR.

This isn’t justNieR Replicanteither. NieR Reincarnation, the mobile game coming to iOS and Android, is also expected to be there. And, the YouTube thumbnail shows 2B, so maybe we’ll get something pertaining to NieR: Automata? You probably shouldn’t hold out hope for that last one, though.

It all goes down on September 24 at 6am Pacific. The special has English subtitles, so we won’t be left waiting for translated secondhand details. All we know is that we can expect a lot of NieRand we can expect a decent amount of new information. If nothing else, we’ll probably find out if we’re left waiting until next year for NieR Replicantor if Square Enix is able to actually make the original target of releasing in 2020.