Nintendo Download: Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain


Also, Disney Magical World 2: Enchanted Edition

So we’re nearing the end of the year, and that means that publishers other than Microsoft are basically done with releasing games. Nintendo has one more trick up their sleeve with Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain, which is out on December 3, but that’s about it. The new Advance Wars Switch release has been delayed out of 2021, so we’re at the end of the road. It’s big brain time or the highway.

Other big releases this week include Disney Magical World 2: Enchanted Edition, Danganronpa games, and Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space. Nintendo also reminds folks that several of their eShop releases have been nominated at The Game Awards, including Metroid Dead, Pokemon Unite, New Pokemon Snap, Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, WarioWare: Get it Together, and Mario Party Superstars. Most of these garnered noms in the “best family game” category, which Nintendo is going to categorically dominate like Disney crushes “Best Animated Feature.”

Nintendo Download: Big Brain week

  • 6Souls
  • 9-Ball Pocket
  • Arcade Archives PHOZON
  • Archvale
  • Armed to the Gears
  • Asterix & Obelix: Slap them All!
  • Astro Rangers
  • Ball laB
  • Beyond a Steel Sky
  • Castle on the Coast
  • Construction Site Driver
  • Crazy Trucks
  • Dairoku: Agents of Sakuratani
  • Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders
  • Ever Forward
  • Football Battle
  • Ghost Sync
  • Guardian of Lore
  • Jigsaw Fun: Wonderful Nature
  • Let’s Sing 2022
  • LOVE 3
  • Mind Scanners
  • Miracle Snack Shop
  • My Last First Kiss
  • Paradise Lost
  • Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire – Blue
  • Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire – Green
  • The Kids We Were
  • Transient: Extended Edition
  • Word Forward
  • World Quiz

If you missed last week’s edition, here it is. For those who are interested, sales are going on for all platforms.