Nintendo: 'Game releases for this fiscal year are not affected' by the pandemic


Jump Rope Challenge was a ‘work from home’ creation

While working from home has been a boon for some studios, several Japanese outfits are having issues acclimating. The good news is, Nintendo seems to have settled in for the most part.

Speaking to investors at their latest shareholder meeting, senior managing executive officer Shinya Takahashi explained that although the company as a whole is “a little behind schedule” due to the current pandemic, “game releases this fiscal year (through March 2021) are currently not affected.” That could of course change (Takahashi event intimates this if the situation is prolonged), but for now the ship has been righted.

As for the benefits of working from home, Nintendo reveals that Jump Rope Challengewas essentially a game jam project of sorts. Takahashi says that the game was built with pandemic-centric physical fitness in mind, so it slots perfectly into the Switch’s lineup as a free release.

Right now, Paper Mario: Origami King is the only major first-party release on the horizon, but that could change at any moment. Nintendo has been announcing things at the drop of a hat, and the summer isn’t over.

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