Nintendo is aware of massive Splatoon 2 League Battle glitch, working on a patch


Instant crash

For those of you who have delved into the new competitive League Battle mode for Splatoon 2, you may have encountered an unfortunate glitch — a straight-up crash. Evidently this happens if you look at your previous stats, and if you have more than nine play records/are playing in team and pair subsections.

Thankfully, this bug is more annoying than gamebreaking. It doesn’t happen during actual matches or gameplay, and it doesn’t screw with your stats or save. You can also check said stats by way of the mobile app if you need to. Still, it needs to get fixed as soon as possible as not everyone reads these kinds of updates or uses the app — and Nintendo is on the case.

I haven’t had time to really invest in a team yet, especially a group of four, but later this year I definitely want to! For now ranked is good enough.

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