Nintendo is pushing new Switch boxes with packed-in strategy guides


A new strategy

Nintendo has peddled plenty of special editions for Zelda: Breath of the Wild, including an “Explorer’s Edition” that came with a packed-in guide, and it seemed to work out so well that they’re trying it for two other games.

Right now it seems like they’re slated for a September 28 release and only in certain regions, but the company announced this week that they’re going to be doing the exact same thing for Mario Odysseyand Splatoon 2, with the Breath of the Wildpack seeing a re-release. They’re called the “Traveler’s,” “Strategy,” and “Explorer” guides respectively, and will launch as pack-ins for $59.99.

Given that Nintendo rarely, if ever, drops their prices on best-selling first party titles, getting an extra pack-in for the hell of it isn’t bad.

Starter Pack [Amazon] Thanks Jeff!