Nintendo just opened a Twitter account to share corporate and investor relations news


An easier way to follow the goings-on of the company

Oh hey, Nintendo just opened a corporate Twitter account. “Well how does this impact me,” you might be asking. I’ll tell you!

Every so often, Nintendo shares a great deal of investor and financial info that sheds some light on multiple aspects of the company. The most notably and consumer-facing data are definitely the “top 10 software” chart reveals, but we also get to sidle up to information like amiibo and hardware sales. We report on these goings-on frequently at Destructoid, and it looks like everything just got a lot easier thanks to the aforementioned account.

Right now, “NintendoCoLtd” on Twitter is sitting at around 10K followers, and was instantly verified. They opened it up this morning with the following tweet, both in Japanese and English: “We’ve opened this Twitter account to deliver Nintendo Co., Ltd. corporate and Investor Relations news. Financial announcements and other corporate-focused information will be shared on this account. Please note that we will not respond to messages or inquiries.”

If you’re not the type of person who seeks out news like this, it won’t impact your day to day in the slightest. But if you like updates every now and then on what Nintendo is up to, this could be an additional way to get it: and a great resource for writers! Hopefully all of the info is translated directly by Nintendo going forward, but we’ll find out soon enough as their next financial report is due in a few weeks.

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