Nintendo posted high-res Super Metroid art and I'm going to cherish it


This ~aesthetic~

We’ve got a new Metroid coming up this year, and lately, Nintendo has been reminiscing about the whole storied series to get everyone in that lone hunter state of mind again. As neat as it is to dig back into the Chozo lore, above all, I’m here for some sick artwork.

Today was the day, as Nintendo shared several pieces of high-res Super Metroid art including Samus, her Gunship, Ridley, and Kraid. I’m sure you’ve seen some if not all of this familiar imagery before, but probably not with this enhanced level of detail.

Either way, it’s Super Metroid — any chance to bring it up is fine by me.

Samus Aran

Samus' Gunship


It’s genuinely neat to revisit this decades-old art, and while fans are out there doing their absolute best to preserve games and their supplemental materials, all too often, the companies behind them could stand to do so much more to keep these legacies intact and accessible to new players. On the topic of Super Nintendo games, at least this one’s playable on Nintendo Switch, even if it is relegated to the online subscriber-only library.

After zooming in to appreciate the minor details in Kraid’s nasty belly and Ridley’s twisted tongue, I feel like I’m fresh out of the optometrist’s office with new lenses. It’s all so clear. This transports me back to the Nintendo Power days, for sure. I miss those posters!

To extend this little wave of nostalgia while we wait for Metroid Dread, especially if you’re thinking of a Super Metroid replay, flip through this upload of the Player’s Guide when you’ve got some time — it’s worth a look just for purple-haired Samus. I would’ve missed a bunch of tips, tricks, techniques, and honest-to-goodness secrets without it (and eventually the internet) as a resource. I’m sure there’s still plenty left for me to discover.