Nintendo re-confirms original Splatoon amiibo will work in Splatoon 2


‘Please hang on to them’

It was confirmed during the Splatoon 2heavy Nintendo Direct event, but the development team took to Twitter to remind everyone that yes, original Splatoonamiibo will work with the sequel. Expanding a bit on that previously revealed info however is a close look at what some of the amiibo will unlock (school, ninja, and robot outfits were teased), and the note that old toys will provide “special gear,” as opposed to challenges.

Although there could be more info yet until its July 21 release (E3 will no doubt have at least one presentation dedicated to it), it seems as if Nintendo has backed away from locking big patches of content like extra modes behind the figures. Now we’re basically just moving into cosmetic territory.

Although the Splatoonamiibo have never been rare, that’s probably good news for most of you out there that hate the little things on principle.

Splatoon [Twitter via Nintendo Life]