Nintendo says it has no new hardware to show at E3, but is always working on projects


Will we get our Switch Lite or Switch Pro?

Nintendo is a wild, wild company to speculate about: even mostly guesswork can end up accurate. It has a baked-in audience at any given time so rumors will always be read; even during the Wii U years, and they’re such an out-there publisher that nearly anything is possible. That’s why we’ve seen countless reports and rumors rise up regarding new Nintendo hardware, and the Switch is the latest system to be swept up.

Depending on the month, Nintendo is either developing a cheaper “Switch Lite,” or a bulkier “Switch Pro.” Recently, the buzz is that they’re actually working on both. Now either of those models could show up at some point, but based on comments from Nintendo CEOShuntaro Furukawa, that’s not happening anytime soon.

According to Tokyo Reuters reporter Sam Nussey, Furukawa stated that Nintendo has no plans to announce new hardware during their E3 Direct, and has nothing further to announce at this time. Though, in true Nintendo fashion, the CEO did note that Nintendo is “always” working on new hardware.

We’ve been fooled by the “not going to say anything at E3: actually announces that thing at E3” shtick before. But if Nintendo isn’t going to announce new hardware at E3, those Switch Lite/Pro models are a ways out. Perhaps Nintendo is waiting to see what Microsoft is going to do next and what Sony’s plans are (date/price-wise) for the PS5.

Sam Nussey [Twitter]