Nintendo updated the Switch mobile app: do you use it?


That’s a no from me, dog

So Nintendo’s mobile app just got an update. That’s good! Wait, it’s still the Nintendo mobile app. That’s bad!

Yes, this thing is still around, and it was recently updated to “fix a technical issue with About Data Usage settings,” amid “other minor changes.” But like my recent musing on the last Switch update, that’s not really the focus here. I’m really dying to know if anyone uses this app.

I distinctly remember booting it up when it first came out, then deleting it. Over the years I’ve reinstalled it just to remember what it entailed, and for coverage like this. After booting it up I was asked to share my data, and the app promised to “enhance” my Switch experience.

At present, years later, the only “game-specific services” include Animal Crossing: New HorizonsSmash Ultimate, and Splatoon 2. Actual benefits include NookLink (scan custom designs and send chat messages), looking at Smash videos and images, and seeing your Splatoon 2 stats. Oh, and flipping through notifications and using a convoluted form of voice chat.

Do any of y’all use this? You can find the full patch notes below if you do!

Nintendo Switch Online mobile app: What’s new

  • A technical issue with About Data Usage settings has been resolved.
  • Other minor changes have been implemented.