Nintendo's ARMS is getting a series of graphic novels


I hope it has some legs to stand on

I love it when a game’s universe and characters are fleshed out in supplementary content. It’s a chance to illustrate a world with vivid color and character, unfolding the vision of a fictional place into something more tangible. This works incredibly well for character based games (just look at the expanded universe for Overwatch) and it looks like ARMSwill be getting a similar treatment in the near future.

In a report from Newsarama, Dark Horse is once again partnering with Nintendo to craft a series of graphic novels for their latest new IP, ARMS. Previously, the two companies worked together to bring us The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia, as well as several art books for popular Nintendo games like Fire Emblem: Awakening and Splatoon. This new series of graphic novels is expected to debut one year from now, in Fall 2018.

This makes quite a lot of sense, given how fruitful Nintendo and Dark Horse’s relationship has been in the past. Hyrule Historia was the #1 Book in America for a time, reaching the top of Nielsen Bookscan Charts, as well as hitting #1 atop both the Wall Street Journal’s and New York Times’s Bestseller lists. Given that ARMS has developed a decent following, and has sold over a million copies,expanding the story with some neat-o reading material looks like a smart move.

What do you think about these ARMS graphic novels? Personally, I’d love for the comics to explain how you go about getting these weird sets of arms. Is it voluntary? Is it more like a RoboCop situation, where it was the only way to save them? Let me know what you think down in the comments.

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