Nintendo's E3 2019 site is open for business


June 11 through 13

It’s that time of year where every publisher ever reminds you that E3 is just around the corner: if you call two months from now “just around the corner.” Despite the fact that E3 has severely winded down in the last few years (leading to efforts to revitalize the show by adding public days) it’s still a big deal for several entities, Nintendo included.

Even without a proper “stage show” they still have a massive presence at E3, which includes several tournaments and streams, the former of which have been dated. While E3 2019 will take place on June 11 through 13, Nintendo’s Splatoon 2 World Championship and the Smash Ultimate World Championship 3v3 are set for June 8. You can mark your calendars and check out the site as it’s updated with more info.

The big question this year is whether or not we’re going to see much, if any, 3DS news. While a new Switch iteration (or two) is expected, I kind of want to see where the 3DS lies at this point: no news is bad news.

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