Nintendo's Parental Controls app is the best way to track Switch playtime


Why would it be on the console itself?

Ha, Nintendo.

Not to be outdone by their chat app that requires your phone to have the app in focus, they just updated their Parental Controls app to provide more information on playtime. Note that while this is intended for parents to track how much their kids play, you can also use it to showcase the most detailed reports to date for tracking your own habits. They’re even separated by user now for each console, and include breakdowns of the number of days played in addition to time.

I get why this app exists, it’s actually pretty useful, but it would be even more useful if it was baked into the Switch itself. What’s hilarious about this app is that it logs incorrect PINs — this would have been the bane of my existence as a kid. As I’ve said in the past, I used to go through the laborious process of uninstalling games like Duke Nukem 3Dto disable the PIN, then reset it to a random PIN that my parents would assume was a bug, that they would have to in turn reset.

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