Nioh hits one million in sales as a brand new IP on one platform


Team Ninja is riding high

It feels like Team Ninja is finally back to its old self. 2005’s Ninja Gaiden Black (an amazing upgrade on the back of its 2004 predecessor) was its crowning achievement, and beating it on Master Ninja was one of the most fun journeys I’ve ever taken in my gaming career.

Since then they’ve dragged a bit, lost one of their marquee members in Itagaki, and have banked on the Dead or Alive franchise while they dabble in the occasionally good project like Hyrule Warriors. But now they’re back with a vengeance with Nioh, one of the best games on the PS4, and with the sales to match. Koei Tecmo has announced that as of this week, in both the retail and digital marketplaces, Niohhit one million in sales worldwide. Players will obtain a golden suit of armor to celebrate.

As a comparison, Dark Souls III, bolstered by the name of an already celebrated franchise, sold three million copies worldwide on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. So pushing one million on just the PS4 with a brand new IP is quite the accomplishment.

Nioh [ via Siliconera]