No, No Man's Sky ain't coming out tomorrow


Apparently that surprises some people

We could make a million articles about which games don’t release this week. Fallout 4does not release this week (but very soon, nonetheless). Persona 5does not release this week. Half-Life 3does not release this week. See? It’s easy.

Another one for the pile is No Man’s Sky, although that rumor actually had to be debunked by the developer. Leading up to tomorrow’s much-awaited press conference by Sony at Paris Games Week, people thought that suddenly launchingNo Man’s Skywould be a part of the plans.

Hello Games’ Sean Murray says it’s not true. “I heard that rumour that [No Man’s Sky] is stealth releasing on Oct 27th. It is false,” Murray tweeted. Sony has taken to strongly promoting No Man’s Skyat its events, but an “And you can play it right now!” reveal still seems unlikely.

But, wait — if there was going to be a stealth-release, isn’t that denial exactly what Murray would say? Argh, we’ve learned nothing.

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