Now's a good time to buy Invisible, Inc.


Fresh code

Klei has been killing it. I haven’t gotten around to Invisible, Inc. yet, but today’s Steam sale ($11.99 until August 10) will remedy that. My boy Steven gave the turn-based stealth game a 10 out of 10, which is a rare sight. He even dug it while it was still unfinished in Early Access. Even rarer!

There’s something for current players, too, as the 11th update is now live. Besides bug fixing and balancing, the game has added more programs, starting room variations, and improvements (“Open single door hotkey – default is F,” “Item requirements always show”). Full notes below.

Looking ahead, Klei has Contingency Plan DLC penciled in for this fall and is “looking into the possibility of new game modes as well as extending the life of Endless Mode further than day 10.”

Invisible Inc – Update 11: Fresh Code is now live [Steam]

New Features

  • 2 new starting programs to unlock.
  • 8 new programs to find and buy at server terminals.
  • Kevin’s expanded agent banter added[].
  • New versions of the location maps:
    • new Vault
    • new CEO office
    • new Detention Center
    • new Guard Dispatch
    • new Server Farm
    • new Nanofab Vestibule
    • new Cyberlab (special!)
  • New starting room variations
  • Open single door hotkey – default is F. *
  • Armor icon and stat always visible on guards. *
  • Item requirements always show. *
  • CTRL click for right click on MAC enabled. *
  • Tooltip on guards searched and expertly searched by an agent with Anarchy 5. *
  • Augment grafter panel improved. *

Balance Changes

  • Felix daemon has been changed.
  • Cloak Rig III has been changed.

Bug fixes

  • Guards insta killing KO agents when they wake up is fixed.
  • KO resistance will modify all KO effects like shocktaps and flash grenades
  • Fixed blocked peeking in an obscure case. *
  • Blinking rewind button no longer pauses gameplay. *
  • Time attack mode will now also unlock Expert level achievements. *
  • Holocircuit Overloaders do not make a noise that will alert guards.
  • Modded plastech guard spawn rate bug fixed
  • Endless key card exploit removed
  • Central can now pick up the final mission item ( for when she starts with a full inventory).*
  • Anatomy Analysis will not activate on disabled heart monitors.
  • A Prisoner or Courier can abandon an agent in the field as long as at least one agent has escaped beforehand. *
  • Items killed while parasited will release the parasite.
  • Fusion shows the right tooltips and operates as described.