Nuclear Throne nets one million in revenue while in Early Access


Y.V. knows what’s up

Nuclear Throne, the indie game where you run and gun as a colorful cast of mutant creatures in a radioactive wasteland, has reached one million dollars in revenue, Vlambeer’s Rami Ismail announced yesterday. That’s an impressive milestone for a game that’s currently still in Early Access. Congratulations, Vlambeer!

According to Ismail, “part of [the money] has been spent on developing the game further and extending our development process beyond the original six months that we had planned.” He says that they’re “slowly getting close to a final game,” but there’s no solid release date just yet.

Nuclear Throne originally started out as a game jam prototype, and has slowly evolved over the past two years into the excellent, tough-as-nails roguelike shooter we have today. It’s great that Vlambeer has been able to spend so much time perfecting it, something which “would not be possible without [their fans’] support.” I’m excited to see the final product!