Obsidian's Outer Worlds ends up landing on Nintendo Switch


Coming sometime after other platforms

Obsidian’s next role-playing game, The Outer Worlds, is all about exploring unknown and unexpected places. Now, in a meta-twist of sorts, it’s ending up somewhere very unexpected.

Publisher Private Division and Obsidian have announced that The Outer Worldsis coming to Switch. It had previously been confirmed for PC (via the Epic Games Store and Windows 10 Store), PS4, and Xbox One. The port will be handled by Virtuos, a large 10-studio company that supports primary developers.

This kind of feels like a surprise, but maybe it shouldn’t. The Outer Worldsmay not have seemed like a leading candidate for a Switch port, but Obsidian’s recent works are increasingly ending up on Nintendo’s platform. Pillars of Eternitywill release on Switch on August 8, Pillars of Eternity IIwill launch there sometime before the end of the year, and Ubisoft ported South Park: The Stick of Truthto Switch late in 2018.

The Outer Worlds‘ Switch version will take a little longer to blast off, though. On all other platforms, it has a release date of October 25, 2019. On Switch, it’s just said to be coming sometime after the other versions, without any sort of timeline given.