Ode to the Spice Orange GameCube controller


A color by any other name

The holidays are a magical time. Off work, spending time with family. Sometimes art happens. Sometimes an artist finds himself writing a traditional Shakespearean sonnet about the Spice Orange GameCube controller. Sometimes a bad video with a worse faux-thespian narration gets produced.

This is one of those times.Mind the over-enunciated iambic pentameter.

These days we have the DualShock 4 andThe Xbox One Elite controller tooThey feel so nice to hold in clutchéd handSo dark, so chic, so curved, so soft, so new

Over the years these links have been designedFor modern 3D games as we’d expectThe buttons, thumbsticks, triggers are refinedThe finest inputs they can now detect

But color choices may be uninspiredFlat red, flat blue, but mostly they are blackIt leaves a fair amount to be desiredThe history books highlight what they lack

Back in the day the colors were so niceHaving the hue and form oforangeandspice