Oh god, it's Trials HD in a Blood Dragon setting


Out now(ish)

Update: You can also get the full soundtrack here

Trialshas gotten increasingly insane over the years. The game about over-the-top stunts inside a warehouse moved from wacky outdoor scenes and eventually to a futuristic setting. How do you top that?

You take Trialsto the Blood Dragonuniverse, one of the craziest settings for a game in recent memory.

Ubisoft just announced Trials of the Blood Dragonat its E3 press conference. It’s all the trials bike stuff you know mixed with all the Far Cry 3: Blood Dragonstuff you know. Easy to understand even if it blows your fragile little mind.

Better yet, you don’t have to wait long to get your hands on Trials of the Blood Dragon. It’s releasing today after the press conference ends. Ubisoft didn’t mention a price. It doesn’t matter. [FryTakeAllMyMoney.jpg]