Oh good, there's a GameCube style Joy-Con out now



The GameCube controller was a contentious beast back in the day, but love for it has grown considerably since its release.

Not only are fans tracking down those relics of remotes for games like Super Smash Bros., but hardware manufacturers are also replicating its style hand over fist in an effort to meet an undying market of GameCube fans. It looks like hardware company SADES managed to do just that, as they’ve released a new GameCube-inspired set of Switch Joy-Con.

It’s $60 for the pair, which will run you $10 over the normal asking price of a box of Joy-Con (which is already high for a first-party product). It has the same features as a normal remote (including NFC for amiibo and gyro support), as well as a micro-USB cable for charging (but it can also charge as normal on the dock). HD rumble and an IR camera on the right Joy-Con are no-gos.

This is basically a vanity purchase if you really love the GameCube aesthetic, but a nice option to have on a growing list of Joy-Con customization options.

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