One developer is attempting to archive the entirety of Miiverse


The memory remains

The closure of Miiverse, scheduled for November 8, will result in the sudden, and kinda sad, destruction of thousands of musings, drawings, moments and memes. Gone in the blink of an eye.

Or so we think, as app developer “Drastic Actions” is living up to their namesake by creating software that intends to archive every single one of the hundreds of thousands of posts created across the Nintendo online community.

The Miiverse Archive is an ongoing project which will trawl the Miiverse website and capture every last bit of info from every post, with hopes that the info can be parsed and redistributed online, creating a time capsule of Miiverse user’s interactions. As of this weekend, over 55,000 posts had been collected, all from just the Japanese version of Splatoon.

Drastic Actions hopes to have collected every last bit of data before the closure, which means they’re sprinting hard against a ticking clock. Anyone wishing to help out should contact the IRC channel MiiWorse, so that future generations may never again have to ask the eternal question “Y cant metroid crawl?”

Miiverse Archive [GitHub]