Resident Evil: Revelations Collection on Switch takes up a lot of space, regardless of where you buy it


Storage Wars

The Nintendo Switch doesn’t have a lot of built in storage space for game downloads. While it is expandable with an SD Card, one way to mitigate the lack of a larger hard drive is by going the physical route. Game carts for the Switch don’t (typically) require an install and you can amass a large collection of games without really needing to worry about filling up the 32 GB of storage the console has. That is, unless you plan on getting the Resident Evil: Revelations collection.

Capcom has updated the official Resident Evil website with information on the upcoming duo of remastered titles and it certainly isn’t good news for people with storage concerns. Going the digital route will absolutely require an SD Card, since the first game clocks in at 13 GB and the second game takes up a whopping 26 GB. You can opt for them individually, however. You’d think physical buyers would be safe, but apparently the boxed copy only contains Revelations 1 on the cartridge, while 2 is only offered as a download code.

So, if you’re really lucky and don’t happen to have a lot of stuff on your Switch, you might be able to get away without using an SD Card if you go physical or only nab one game digitally. For most people, though, that isn’t going to happen. Even without owning any retail games digitally, the few Nintendo titles I do own have patches that are a few hundred MB each, which roughly takes up a GB combined. Since system formatting isn’t a 1:1 ratio, each Switch console has roughly 30 GB of usable storage, which means Revelations 2 will be eating up around 86% of your console’s storage alone. That is the true horror of Resident Evil.

So while its unfortunate, I’d rather have you guys informed about this before buying the collection and realizing you can’t actually play it. At least SD Cards aren’t too outrageous in price and are constantly coming down. Eventually you’ll be able to buy a 400 GB card and then storage space won’t even be an issue.

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