One year after launch, Mighty No. 9 physical rewards MIGHT be going out



[Update: Fangamer has reached out to note that the addresses being collected are to account for moves given the lengthy period of time since they were last acquired.]

For over a year, a couple of corporations have been playing the blame game.

Mighty No. 9, the much-hyped Kickstarter that took the world by storm, fizzled at release. It was an alright game, but not a true successor or replacement for Mega Manor worthy of a live action movie, anime series, and droves of merch. But part of that hype was a promise of physical release goods for backers — goods that still haven’t been delivered to this day.

The purveyor of said goods, Fangamer, claims that Comcept hasn’t given them the materials to actually produce the rest of the shipments yet (some went out in 2015) in the wake of Comcept’s utter silence. Finally though somethinggave, and backers have been getting emails stating that their items are shipping “soon,” and to fill out another survey by July 17 (a move Fangamer says is to ensure that addresses are correct). There’s no doubt in my mind that the acquisition by Level-5 kicked Comcept into gear for this to actually provide Fangamer with the assets they need to ship.

This whole shebang has been an utter disaster, but at least this chapter can be closed, right? Wrong! The Vita and 3DS versions (which some people backed the project for)stillaren’t out yet!

Comcept, if you want to do right by this series, sell it to Inti Creates.