Outer Worlds will be out for Switch in the first quarter of 2020


Launch window…now narrower

While The Outer Worldsarrived last month on PC, PS4 and Xbox One (including a Game Pass launch), the Switch version was said to be coming “later” at some point. When later?! Well, some originally assumed that by the end of 2019 would have been late enough, but recently it was confirmed that the port would arrive sometime in 2020.

Now, thanks to a new financial report from Take-Two, we know that the game is coming before the start of April 2020, giving us a first quarter window. Take-Two specifically states: “The title will also be available for Nintendo Switch in calendar 2020, during our fiscal year 2020.”

Wait what does Take-Two have to do with this? Well they own Private Division, who published Outer Worlds, andalso handled Kerbal Space Program and Ancestors. Although Obsidian is now owned by Microsoft the deal was already in place, and now Take-Two gets to add another feather to their cap.

If Take-Two was smart they’d completely avoid that lousy [S]March weather, as Final Fantasy VII Remake, Nioh 2, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Doom Eternalare all launching that month.

Fiscal Second Quarter 2020 [Take-Two]