Overgrowth adds full, playable story after nine years of development


Bunnies killing rats

A lot can happen in a decade. Ten years ago, I was a bright-eyed high school student with big dreams and no idea what blogging was. Now, I’m older, a bit heavier, and writing about Overgrowth‘s campaign. Nine-plus years after development began on the game, its story mode is finally playable from start to finish.

If you’re not in the know about Overgrowth(we did an Early Access review in 2014!), suffice to say it’s one of the indie gaming world’s longest-running attractions. Developer Wolfire Games have been plugging along with its development since 2008, showcasing updates, improvements, and its cast of anthropomorphic melee fighters along the way.

While it’s certainly noteworthy that Overgrowth‘s story is now in place, its implications are far-reaching. According to David Rosen of Wolfire Games, the beta patch that adds in the story is the last of its kind. Next update, Overgrowth will hit version 1.0.

There are a bunch of other features included in the Overgrowth patch, like the fact that cat characters can throw offhand daggers, rats now can wear camouflage, and some transition effects between scenes. Based off of the last time I checked out Overgrowth, it looks like an entirely new game now. Of course, that’s expected when you work on something for a decade.

[Via PC Gamer]