Overwatch dev: Zenyatta would make the Play of the Game algorithm 'freak out'


Of course he would

GameSpot had a chance to speak to Overwatch‘slead software engineer Rowan Hamilton about the Play of the Game system, and the conversation is worth checking out if you’ve been wondering how it works.

Hamilton talks about how the concept is meant to catch moments that “slipped by,” and cause players to “bond” together, but the system that’s tasked with actually figuring out said moments “isn’t smart.” To tweak it, the team looks at patterns and adjusts accordingly — for instance early on Zenyatta was blowing it up due to his ultimate, which heals an alarming amount and basically boosted his numbers above everyone else.

Noting that they will “continue to improve it,” more love for supports like Mercy is specifically mentioned. For those of you who are curious how to better improve your chances of getting features he also specifically states, “a snipe of someone half a screen away who was just chilling out and waiting to be headshot won’t be weighted as heavily as a Tracer zipping across, barely in sight that you manage to pick off.”

Hamilton also states that they’re still hard at work getting the competitive element out, which is slated for the end of June.

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