Owlboy creator makes mock-up for Chrono Trigger sequel


Don’t think we’ll see Chrono Break anytime soon

Owlboy developer, Simon S. Andersen, posted a mock-up for a Chrono Trigger sequel on Twitter today. While this is something Simon did for fun and it’s almost guaranteed to say we’ll never get Chrono Break, the whole video is pretty freaking awesome.

Simon is one hell of a pixel artist, and this quick teaser, for a fake game no less, really tugged hard at my nostalgia strings. You can check it out below.

What you’re about to see does not exsist. It is not endorsed, licensed or under development.

I make game sequel mockups for fun, and after planning to do this for years, I finally convinced myself to bring this to life. Enjoy. #ChronoTrigger #ChronoCrosshttps://t.co/3rOhmNQxMw pic.twitter.com/lAf4L2VB3q

— Simon S. Andersen (@snakepixel) August 26, 2018