Pathway is a pulp adventure tactics game


Forget the museum

Pathway had me on board with this image and developer Robotality’s description of a “tactical RPG set in a 1930s pulp adventure scenario.” That isn’t a combination I’ve ever come across before, but it immediately clicked in my mind as something that could and should work well.

The story has you assembling a team to track down a lost civilization before the Germans can get to it and use its power for who-knows-what.

“Ancient, bewildering artefacts are materializing on black markets around the world. Rumours of a new element, which German researchers allude to as Valkyrium-500, are spreading. Hushed voices speak of an elusive ‘Projekt Walhalla’ – the meaning of which remains obscure. Meanwhile, agents of the Reich are reportedly conducting frantic excavations around the globe.”

This isn’t the team’s first crack at a tactical game. Robotality previously did Halfway, a sci-fi turn-based title which Darren reviewed and thought was all right.

The studio says it has learned lessons from that project and “spent a lot of time tightening the core gameplay” for Pathway. Hit chances, for instance, are gone — if an attack can land, it will. “[N]o more burnt sacrifices to the gods of chance will be necessary!” Additionally, levels are now procedurally generated and characters will have equipment and perks to manage.

Pathway is looking at a 2017 release for PC and Mac.

Robotality [Twitter]