PC deals: The Surge is up to 24% off at launch


Combating full price during release week

Update 5/16: As the game has been out for a few hours now discounts have been tweaked. The best deal is now $39.99 at DLGamer. Prices updated below.

Hours earlier than expected, Deck13’s The Surge has gone live on Steam. Those a little skeptical of the $49.99 list price should check out the best deals online from various retailers, with discounts reaching up to 24% off. If you’re interested in Souls-like gameplay in a sci-fi setting, this is worth looking into. (Deck13 also held an AMA this morning for those interestedinto reading more on the game.)

These are the best prices online from authorized PC gaming retailers.

The Surge Deals

There are other discount options available beyond the two retailers mentioned above. Just a few bucks higher than GMG is DLGamer with a 20% drop to $39.99. GamesPlanet is a good option for UK buyers as they are selling at £33.99, or 15% off the£39.99 list.

Those wondering if their PC can handle The Surge should know that you’ll need to have at least a GTX 560 Ti and Core i5-4690K (or Radeon R7 360and AMD FX-8320) for the minimum specifications. The game will only take up about 15GB of space, so it’s not as massive as some recent releases.

Steam previously had a 10% off pre-order discount, but that deal is gone now that the game is released. As of writing, The Surge is #3 on Steam and GMG’s top-seller list.