Persona 5 prototype figures have stolen my heart



An abundance of cool figures and statues were on display at this weekend’s Wonder Festival in Japan with Figma, Kotobukiya and others all showcasing their upcoming wares. Spotted among all the expensive shelf-fillers were these lovely prototypes for Amakuni’s upcoming Persona 5 range.

The figures depict two popular members of the Phantom Thieves; computer-whiz Futuba Sakura and Makota Niijima. Both of Persona 5’s best gals (scientifically proven) are wearing their infiltration gear, with Makoto sitting aside her beloved two-wheeler, Johanna. Makoto’s provocative pose, however, has already caused a furore among some fans. More bum trouble.

Also on display was the previously revealed figurine for Ann Takamaki, who is pretty much good to go ahead of her February 2018 release. There were no dates available for Makoto and Futuba but, given the turnaround for Ann, it can be assumed that we will also see them sometime next year.

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