Persona 5 Royal trailer reintroduces us to best buddy Ryuji Sakamoto and includes new team-up move


Dammit, these shitty adults

It’s not a new Atlus release if it isn’t proceeded by an endless series of character trailers, and the upcoming Persona 5 Royal is no exception. We may know The Phantom Thieves and their pals and enemies very well, but they’re all bringing new skills and scenes to the table in the updated edition of the smash hit RPG.

This trailer takes a look at the first member of the thieves to enter the protagonist’s life, hot-headed slacker Ryuji Sakamoto. Ryuji is the first pal Joker makes upon attending Shujin Academy, solidifying their friendship after a traumatic experience within the game’s first palace. Ryuji goes on to become a rock solid friend and a incredibly loyal ally. Though his wild temper and somewhat goofy demeanour cause more problems than they solve, there is arguable no more reliable and trusted confidant within Joker’s social circle.

In the above clip, we see Ryuji planning a new double team attack with fellow thieve Yusuke, and visiting the theme park in one of his all-new outfits. We also see Ryuji’s new Persona evolution “William”. The video ends with Yusuke and Ryuji performing their awesome new double-team attack, and is worth the price of admission alone.

Persona 5 Royal launches on PS4 in Japan October 31, before heading west sometime in 2020.