Persona 5 Scramble (Musou/Warriors) is still on the way, here's what the Protagonist can do


Let’s go

Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers is due in February of next year on PS4 and Switch…in Japan. Yep, despite the west’s extreme love for the series it’s not seeing a simultaneous release, and might take its sweet time when it comes to a translation.

For now, we can get a closer look at how the Protagonist (read: the Persona 5hero) plays with a new gameplay clip. Although a lot of that gameplay is filled with cutscenes (it is Personaafter all) and platforming, we do get a glimpse atArsene, which will probably make up a lot of the uniqueness for this subseries (we also get a sneak peek at the RPG systems on top of the hack and slash stuff).

Although the mere mention of a Musoutitle is enough to make people yawn, it looks pretty legit when it comes to Personaauthenticity. It has anime cutscenes! A kickass soundtrack! It’s being co-developed by P-Studio, who handles Personaproper!