Pet a Licker in Resident Evil 2 fan-made VR project


Wow, you can almost feel its exposed brain tissue!

Ever wanted to walk around the Raccoon City Police Department? What do you mean “I’ve done that fifty times already”? Well, now you can do it in VR, thanks to Unreal 4 artist CryingHorn.

In the video below, Youtuber Virtual Reality Oasis tries out a tech demo by CryingHorn, which contains a VR recreation of the reception area of the ill-fated police station, complete with a terrifying Licker, lurking in the corner.

Though it doesn’t feature real-time movement, it has some fun interactive moments, such as with the game-saving typewriter. It’s also a pretty authentic build, capturing the gothic ambience and isolation of possibly the most famous cop shop in video game history.

Little more will likely come of this. As far as I know, CryingHorn isn’t planning to make a full-on, litigation-baiting remake. But it’s impressive work and a reminder of the possibilities Virtual Reality can explore in the hands of talented creators.

We could even see a VR Resident Evil game! Wouldn’t that be something?.. wait…