Plan out your backlog with Xbox Game Pass' 'Play Later' feature


So many games, so little time

Microsoft has added a brand new feature to its Xbox Game Pass service that may be useful to a lot of players. The “Play Later” tab now lets users plan out which games they’d like to play after finishing their current title. You can add and remove titles from the list from the console dashboard or the Xbox mobile app, meaning you can plan out your ever-growing backlog while killing time at work.

Play Later will be included in Xbox One’s July update, which should be hitting Xbox Live servers in the next few days. Alongside this user list, Game Pass now includes support for Amazon Alexa. Users will be able to browse the massive list of games with their voice and even ask which games will be leaving soon. In the coming months, Alexa support will be added to Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, and Spain.

As for how I’d use Play Later, I’d probably try to limit myself to five games or so. It’d be incredibly intimidating to me to have more than a few titles at a time in consideration. I have problems figuring out what to play on Steam, let alone having access to 200+ games at once with limited time frames. I’d probably go nuts.

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