PlatinumGames CEO wants to focus on creating games different from the past


A focus on creating games that “can be enjoyed and loved for a longer period of time”

PlatinumGames has a few different projects in the pipeline right now, ranging from the soon-to-launch Sol Cresta to games like Project G.G. In a new interview, CEO Atsushi Inaba discusses some of his goals for the future, and what the studio is aiming to do with forthcoming games.

In the Famitsu interview, translated by VGC, Inaba discusses their future goals when talking about the mysterious Project G.G. The in-development game is still a bit of a mystery, but Inaba does discuss future game production.

Project G.G. is still in the stage of testing various things, so I can’t tell you much about it, but when it comes to future game production, we want to focus on creating games that are different from the past. I would like to focus on creating games that can be enjoyed and loved for a longer period of time.”

What exactly that means has been up to interpretation. Inaba goes on to say that projects they create will be “different in terms of their structure,” drawing comparisons to the design of Sol Cresta and Bayonetta.

The “longer period of time” part has raised some concern about live service games, but it sounds like it could also be generally referring to Platinum exploring new ideas. While the studio would like to still “cherish and create” games like Sol Cresta or Bayonetta, with aspects like one-off, well-designed stages in the latter, future games will try to be different in terms of structure.

The gist from the interview seems to be that PlatinumGames is looking at ways it can adapt to a changing market.

“However, the projects that we are trying to create for the future will be different in terms of their structure. Considering the changes in the market over the next five years or so, I think it is absolutely necessary for us to do this. I’m sorry for being so vague, but I think that’s all I can tell you right now.”

What that means in terms of the actual games, we’ll see as Platinum continues to roll out more projects. Sol Cresta is set for Feb. 22, while Bayonetta 3 is also locked for 2022.